Marketing Your Business With Custom T-Shirts Is Easy!

Without customers, businesses fail. Without marketing, businesses don’t have customers. With those things in mind, marketing your businesses with custom t-shirts is a no-brainer.

Custom T-Shirts Are Everywhere!

There are literally dozens of ways you can market your brand, product, or company. Costs for this advertising can range from next to nothing, to tens of thousands of dollars. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a form of advertising that is one and done (meaning once the ad runs, it’s gone) and if you don’t convert anyone to a customer with that blitz, that money disappeared without making you any money. Now consider custom t-shirts with your messaging on them. They can be spread far and wide and people can wear them over and over for weeks, months, or years.

Do you ever notice that some people wear the most hideous t-shirts in public? I’m sometimes out and about and I notice the most plain, non-descript shirts on people. Why? Because people love free stuff… and use it. Many times these shirts I see have been worn until they’re ragged. I mean ripped, torn, faded… you name it. My point… if you can get your custom branded t-shirt in the hands of other people, they just might give your business, band, or movement more advertising than you could ever imagine. And at less than $8 each, how could you pass up an opportunity like that? Read on to learn more…

Below is a great example of the power of marketing your business with custom t-shirts. Sujan grew his small business (Single Grain) to over $1,000,000 in sales by marketing almost exclusively with t-shirts that he’d give away free. His story is compelling for anyone wishing to market their business and grow recognition of their product or brand. How it all got started is interesting, but the end result is a positive message for any business. If you’re looking to build brand recognition and revenue, his story should inspire you.

Advertising your business with custom t-shirts is a fantastic idea.

Sujan knows about marketing your business with custom t-shirts. Here’s his amazing story…

You can read Sujan’s T-shirt marketing story here where he explains how he went from nothing, to over a million dollars in sales by literally giving away t-shirts with his company branding on them, and how they caught on like wild fire! He started small and was surprised how people wanted and would wear his free shirts. Taking a few minutes to read his story might just inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and do something that might change your business’s trajectory… and your future in the process.

After you get done reading Sujan’s story and you’re all amped up about marketing your business with custom t-shirts… Shoot us a quick message to get a no obligation quote for some custom tees of your own. You can include a picture or description of the graphic you’d like and how many colors you want. You might be marketing your business with custom t-shirts sooner than you thought, which means your business might be growing larger sooner than you thought. Contact us today.

Don’t concern yourself with the costs to make your own custom t-shirts just yet. Let us work up a quote for you first. You might be surprised how reasonable you can get some of your very own personalized merch (that’s cool kids slang for merchandise) on the backs of your very own walking billboards. If the cost is a big factor for you, we have options where you can order a smaller number of custom t-shirts to start out with. Dip your toes in the water, so to speak. When you learn that Sujan was on to something, you can call us and we can make you more. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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